We Are the Proud Owners of DRiBOND® and Using This Revolutionary Product for Your Installation With Our Experienced Team Sets Us Apart.

DRiBOND® is a patented formula specially designed for the overlay of thin pavers (1 in or 30 mm) or natural stone over existing concrete. With DRiBOND®, there is no need to remove the existing concrete substrate, which is a costly and time-consuming process. DRiBOND® is a polymer-modified bonding agent that installs like sand and sets like cement.

Homeowners now have that ability to transform an old concrete driveway, pool deck, or patio into a hardscape masterpiece within one to two days. DRiBOND® makes the installation of pavers possible for a fraction of the cost needed to tear out existing concrete and replace it with a traditional sand-set paver installation.

Concrete removal is costly and time-consuming and can damage sprinkler systems, underground utilities, and other infrastructure. With DRiBOND®, thin pavers can now be installed directly over cracked, unsightly concrete driveways or other surfaces, transforming them into hardscape masterpieces.

The DRiBOND® system also inhibits the growth of grass and mold and eliminates the need for long-term maintenance and repairs. Millions of square feet of thin pavers have been installed utilizing the DRiBOND® technology.

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