DRiBOND® Concrete Overlay Solutions LLC: Product and Service Warranty

This warranty covers all DRiBOND® Products used in residential and commercial installations subject to light traffic that are within the scope of the terms set forth below.  This warranty only applies to DRiBOND® Products that have been used within 3 months of purchase and stored in a cool, dry place.  Exposure to water or excessive humidity prior to application voids any warranty.  DRiBOND Concrete Overlay Solutions, LLC does not guarantee an installers finished work. DRiBOND Concrete Overlay Solutions, LLC warrants that its Products will be free from manufacturing defects when used in accordance with (a) our technical data sheets and other written instructions in effect on the date of its application or installation, (b) applicable building codes and regulations, and (c) standard industry practices. For purposes of this warranty, DRiBOND® Products currently include: DRiBOND® and the ST300 Screed Tool. It is a condition of warranty coverage that the DRiBOND® Products are used for their intended purpose and that the area and materials used in conjunction with any DRiBOND® Product are properly prepared and of such quality so as to not break or deteriorate when coming into contact with any DRiBOND® Product. No representation, promise, pre-approval, affirmation, statement, or demonstration by any employee or agent of DRiBOND Concrete Overlay Solutions, LLC shall modify or supersede the terms of this warranty.