Explore all the benefits of a Magic Pavers installation using DRiBOND® and how it can magically go OVER existing concrete.


DRiBOND® is specifically designed for residential and commercial driveways. By adding thin pavers, your driveway becomes a beautiful landscape showpiece and adds actual value to your property.

DRiBOND® was created to bond (1 in or 30 mm) thin pavers over existing concrete surfaces without removing existing concrete, which is a costly and time-consuming process. Ironically, if you remove the concrete, you’re removing the best possible base for your pavers.

DRiBOND® is the first polymer-modified bonding agent specifically developed for residential concrete driveways. It installs like sand and sets like cement in a fraction of the time it would take to install traditional pavers.

Customers now have the ability to transform an old, stained, and cracked concrete driveway into a hardscape masterpiece within one to two days for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and dramatically increase curb appeal.

A driveway with trees and bushes in the background.
A large white house with trees and a driveway.
A driveway with palm trees and a house in the background.
A driveway with a lot of gravel on it

Key Benefits

  • Specifically Developed for Residential Driveways
  • Cost-Efficient
  • No Concrete Removal or Demolition Required
  • Quick and Easy Application
  • Minimal Preparation Time
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Prevents Paver Settling*
  • No Long-Term Repairs
  • Inhibits Mold, Grass, and Weeds
  • Reduces Installation Time

*Based on Sound Substrate and Proper Installation

Pools & Pool Decks

Give your pool and pool deck that “wow” factor! DRiBOND® is a simple solution at a fraction of the cost.

DRiBOND® is the perfect solution to brighten pool and pool deck and make your outdoor oasis shine.

Concrete pool decks take a lot of abuse from foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. Thin pavers, travertine, or shell or natural stone installed on your pool deck will add beauty and warmth to your existing landscape and increase the durability of your outdoor living space. With DRiBOND®, you can say goodbye to cracks, weeds, and crumbling cement.

A pool with a tile floor and a deck
A patio with a glass railing and a metal pole.
A driveway with brick pavers and grass in front of it.
A driveway with pink concrete and gravel on it.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates Sand Wash-Out
  • Gives a Stronger, More Resilient Finish
  • Prevents a Breeding Ground for Mold and Mildew
  • Prevents Paver Chatterer and Uneven Surfaces
  • Stops Paver Migration
  • Enables the Ability to Float-Out Low Spots

*Based on Sound Substrate and Proper Installation


Patio pavers are beautiful architectural design elements that enhance outdoor spaces and overall curb appeal while increasing property value.
Patio pavers installed with DRiBOND® allow homeowners to extend their living space into the outdoors. Pavers are known for their strength and longevity and excel in harsh environments while providing the appropriate texture for slip resistance.

DRiBOND® makes it easy to convert your current concrete patio into a beautifully designed hardscape living area your family will love.

There is simply no comparison between a regular concrete patio and a patio enhanced with designer pavers. As you can see in our gallery below, pavers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Ask one of our professionals what would work best for your area and needs.

A driveway with brick and concrete in the middle of it.
A driveway with concrete and cement blocks in the middle of it.
A driveway with brick pavers and palm trees in the background.
A driveway with a house and palm trees in the background.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Transform existing concrete walkways and commercial sidewalks into beautiful landscape masterpieces. With DRiBOND® and thin pavers, boring concrete walkways can be transformed into stunning architectural showpieces, making an ideal solution for entryway sidewalks, garden paths, and commercial walkways.

Beautiful walkways can transform your outdoor living area from a standard concrete path to a brilliantly designed outdoor walkway. DRiBOND® makes it easy to recondition existing concrete walkways and commercial sidewalks into gorgeous hardscapes.

Pavers are an ideal solution for entryway sidewalks, garden paths, and most walkways around your property. Sidewalks and walkways can be easily matched to existing patio and/or driveway pavers to complete the design of your outdoor space.

Commercial Applications

DRiBOND® is an incredibly strong and durable bonding agent, perfect for commercial applications such as car dealerships, hotel pool decks and walkways, government office installations, and high-traffic places of business.

The management team at Bob Steele Chevrolet was seeking a solution to update and enhance their expansive car dealership parking lots, driveways, and service bays. Rather than demolish thousands of square feet of existing concrete and shut down business for weeks, they installed DRiBOND® and thin pavers and dramatically improved the property’s overall appearance.

This was done in a fraction of the time and for far less cost than traditional pavers. Please contact us to see how DRiBOND® can improve your business establishment or commercial property.

A car parked in the middle of a parking lot.